Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Celebrating Halloween Vintage Style

Halloween is fast approaching and who says that you can't celebrate it vintage style?! I have to admit that Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. As a child, I could just never really get in to the whole dressing up thing... what's wrong with me?! As an adult, I cringe when I hear 'costumer party'. 

I do however LOVE sitting at home with a bowl full of candy and hearing those adorable little voices at my door saying 'Trick or Treat'. That's the best part of Halloween for me. For all of you Halloween lovers, here are just some of my personal spooky favorites from some of my most favorite Etsy shops!

1. Antique Cast Iron Cauldron from wretchedshekels

2. Vintage Wall Mirror with Wood Frame from robertagrove

3. Vintage Glass Apothecary Bottle from thirdshift

4. French Maid Mini Dress from dotto 

5. Antique Bisque Legs from becaruns 

6. Antique Celluloid Doll from becaruns